Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Almeria - a unique Film location

Good news: Finally the Guide to locations of famous spaghetti westerns shot in Almeria province, such as "Indiana Jones" has been released!

The 'Deputación de Almeria' has put all efforts in publishing the first issue, with an excellent result. Don't miss to check this guide before planning your next trip to Almeria.


Gregorio Toribio Álvarez said...

And you can also recommend a visit to the Western Cinema Studios close to Almeria, in Tabernas.

See you. said...

Hi Gregorio, thanks for your advice! However, I have loads of material on my desk, waiting to be published, but unfortunately I am a real tortoise and short of time. Nevertheless, I shall publish everything, not in this blog, but on my Web site

Why not in this blog? Because I follow the recommendations of Ken Evoy:

Upton Spoon said...

Hi, Nice tip about Ken Evoy